Participant identification. Registration.

In order to make purchases and leave comments in our store, registration is required. Personal data will be provided in the form of public and private information. Public information refers to the information that will be available for viewing by other guests of our online store. Private information is all the information necessary for the administrator of the online store, thanks to which the interaction between the Buyer of our store and the managers of the Express Packing store is carried out. This information is not public and is not subject to publicity, only store employees can use this information.


You use your username and password to enter our store. We recommend choosing a password that uses both letters and numbers. It is best if the password is a set of chaotic characters and symbols. In order not to forget the password, you can write it down.

Information logging

Our resource has an attendance counter that records data about the visitor. Such data is the IP address, the name of the browser and the addresses of the pages from which the visitor could enter. This information is not subject to disclosure and is used to maintain statistics, as well as the appropriateness of the use of Internet advertising. This information is analyzed and deleted after analysis.

Privacy policy.

Personal information may be used by the administrators of the online store. We guarantee that private data will be used by us only for communication with the Buyer and will never be transferred to third parties.

Information Security

The management of the online store cannot guarantee you the impossibility of unauthorized access to any information provided by you. This information, for reasons beyond our control, may be available to persons who have access to the server on which the online store is stored — these may be developers and other personnel of the company providing hosting (accommodation) for our store.